Baking has been a lifelong passion, and I would like to share my passion with those of you that appreciate hand crafted baked goods.


A little bit about me:  I’ve been baking cookies and catering part time for over 20 years.  My love of baking and cooking began when I was very young.  I remember watching “The French Chef” and fell in love with the humor and ease of Julia Child and later Jacques Pepin.  I come from a family that loves to cook and entertain.  A grandmother that was a “Yankee” cook (bacon fat on the stove and all) and another grandmother that was taught to cook by her Italian mother-in-law.  Big family meals on both sides that were as different as the people cooking them.


It was all passed down from one generation to the next and while tastes changed, the passion to create great food remains.  I was always in the kitchen with someone, learning about food. 


No matter what else I may have been doing for work, my passion for food and desire to make it my life has never wavered.  I feel very blessed to be able to turn my passion into my life’s work.


My partner, friends and family have been so inspiring and supportive.  I am very lucky to have them all.


To cook and bake for you is my pleasure and my passion.  Enjoy!